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Northern Avenue Solutions

Northern Avenue Solutions offers consultancy and training in the fields of Information Technology and Personal Development. We also provide websites and Facebook Pages designing services. Apart from that, we are also involved in trading of Health and IT related products.

In the current era of constant changes, it is vital that locally-grown service providers such as Northern Avenue Solutions grow dynamically in tandem with and meet up the challenge to cater to the needs of the nation.

To date we have among others designed and developed more than 50 Malaysian-Based Society and Private Company websites. We have also conducted more than 40 seminars and courses on various aspects of Information Technology and Personal Development matters.

Looking back we never regret the all important initial steps we had taken and going through the challenges and hardships in gradually but constantly building a dynamic home-grown company. We look forward to continue contributing our parts to Malaysia's vision to develop a technologically savvy and high moral society.

Thank you.

Northern Avenue Solutions TEAM.

northern avenue solutions
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