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Product And Services

  1. Course And Training
    Course And Training - Northern Avenue Solutions provides seminars, trainings and courses in various fields of IT and Personal Developments. The modules are customized by needs of target groups or participants including beginner, intermediate and advance modules.
  2. Facebook For Business
    Facebook For Business - We provide consultancy, training and design for Facebook For Business. Our service include create and design complete facebook pages, design facebook profile, provide facebook pages like, basic training for facebook, facebook for business workshop and facebook marketing.
  3. Mens Health And Wellness
    Mens Health And Wellness - Our team has an extensive experience in managing an ecommerce website specifically on men's health and well-being. It has been in operation since the year 2000. The products that we offer include some of the best traditional herbs available.
  4. Zero Interest Financing
    Zero Interest Financing - We provide consultancy for credit card debt settlement. We also offer short courses on managing your credit card debt effectively.

What do we provide and offer to our client :

  • Online Business
  • IT Consultation
  • Payment Solutions
  • E-Commerce
  • Facebook Business
  • IT Training
  • Self Development
  • Advertisement
  • Outsourcing

Customized Solutions

We do offer customized solutions specifically based on your needs. Tell us about your goals and your needs and we would be happy to assist you figuring out the most suitable solutions to meet those requirements.

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